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“There is no dispute on this application that Class Counsel have demonstrated skill and competence in litigating this matter. As mentioned, there were both substantive and procedural complexities in different areas of law. I have already concluded that the potentially full monetary recovery for the class members is a very successful result. This result was achieved because of Class Counsel’s able efforts in forcefully asserting the claims of the class members to this point in time. Those efforts and the risks they bore have allowed the class members to achieve this result when, in reality, these claims would not have otherwise been advanced at all.”

– Dominquez v. Northland Properties Corp. (c.o.b. Denny’s Restaurants) 2013 BCSC 468 at para. 59

“With true appreciation and warmest thanks to you, this case wouldn’t be successful without you and all your hard work. Well done!”

– F. Lee

“What a great job Chris did for us. He obviously put a lot of time and effort. We very much appreciate his dedication and professionalism. Personally I really enjoyed working with Chris and he made me feel very included and part of the team.”

– S. Varty, Business Agent CUPE 1004

“Chris renewed my faith in lawyers.”

– J. Feratto

“Chris always had an action plan and even a back-up plan and was on top of his game. It is very refreshing to find a lawyer like Chris. He is someone you can trust. Chris truly listened, understood and responded to all of my requests. I would recommend Chris to anybody I care about. Thank you Chris!”

– P. Nowaczynski

“I have used Chris’ knowledge and services on more than one occasion and know Chris to be very reliable and available to discuss the relevant issues at any time. He provided sound advice and I would recommend Chris’ work without hesitation and have done so.”

– A. Howes